Cats | Woodblock Prints by Tomoo Inagaki, 1941-1982

Tomoo Inagaki, Five Cats, 1960
Tomoo Inagaki, Cats in Love, 1957                                             Tomoo Inagaki, Cat Faces, 1966
Tomoo Inagaki,  Cat in Bush, 1978
Tomoo Inagaki, Black Cat, 1940-1950                             Tomoo Inagaki, Two Cats Wearing Necklaces
 Tomoo Inagaki, Cat and Camellia, 1941
Tomoo Inagaki, A Fanciful Cat, 1982                                                      Tomoo Inagaki, Quarrelling Cats, 1960
Tomoo Inagaki, Cat Walking, 1960
Tomoo Inagaki, Cats by Fireplace (3), 1982                                   Tomoo Inagaki, Cats Making Up, 1955
Tomoo Inagaki, Cats in Blue, 1960                       Tomoo Inagaki, Cat in the Moonlight, 1960

Inagaki Tomoo (稲垣知雄) was born in Tokyo and graduated from the Okura Commercial 
High School. He was introduced to printmaking by Kôshirô Onchi and Un'ichi Hiratsuka in 
1923, when the older artists were producing the magazine Shi to hanga ("Poetry and 
Prints": 詩と版画). He acknowledged a great debt to the two masters, attending Shi to
 hanga meetings regularly and thereby taking his only tutelage in printmaking. He said 
that "Poetry and Prints convinced me that I wanted to be a print artist."


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