Anticipation / Fantasy / Spanking / Pleasure / Orgasm | Chloë Thurlow, 2006-2015

Egon Schiele, Nude with Blue Stockings Bending Forward, 1912

“Masks reveal. They don’t conceal. Masks reveal your cravings, your passion, 
your deepest most secret desires.”

“Getting dressed for a woman is an art form, surreal, vaguely abstract, figurative 
and byzantine. When you undress a woman you enter her subconscious kingdom,
 her scents, her secrets and her fantasy.”

“You feel vulnerable but also liberated when you are 
naked and the man you are with is dressed.”

“Getting dressed starts with shoes. Getting undressed ends with shoes.”

“Each clip and zip and fastening, each button and bow, each stretch of elastic as you
 undress a woman reveals hidden treasure, a clavicle, a shoulder blade, the shadowy 
line of a breast, a hip bone carved by Michelangelo, the discreet charms and mystery
 of the navel, a neglected erogenous zone cherished by the Ancient Greeks.”

“Blindfolded, your feelings are enhanced. You see less, you see nothing, 
but you feel more. You feel everything.”

“Sex is about anticipation not culmination.”

“Your facial lips and the butterfly lips of your vagina are connected by a fine invisible 
circuit. When you take a hard cock into your mouth, the feeling of pleasure zips in pulsing
 waves down through your body and rings the bell of your clitoris. The vulva swells with 
blood and the sensation is carnal, exquisite, the essence of femininity.”

“Girls fantasize about being tied up and bent over a broad pair of knees. Girls dream 
of being dominated and worshipped. Girls adore dressing up, role play, changing roles.”

“There is nothing to compare with that moment when you are bent over his knee and feel
 the material chaff against your bottom as he pulls your panties down. At that second, 
round cheeks revealed, plump and quivering, it is like jumping out of an airplane, 
pulling the ripcord and waiting for the parachute to open.”

“In an invisible mirror you see your invisible self.”

When the tip of his tongue touches the little hard nub of my clitoris I feel the same
 jolt in my sex as I do in my throat when I light up. There must be a connection.

When one sense is diminished, the others burn more brightly. In a blindfold, you feel 
every minute motion of his hand as it crosses your body, his fingertips finding secret
 places, his palm on bare buttocks, his cock nudging at your clitoris.

“When you succumb to obedience, in an erotic sense, you are not giving away a part 
of yourself, but seeking something new, something other, within yourself.”

There's a moment when fingers of heat race through your skin and light your clitoris. 
You start to get wet and your juices douse the flames of pain and erupt in an 
all-consuming pleasure. This is the joy of spanking. 

“It is important to warm and caress every portion of the curved surface, into the groove 
and up over the base of the spine. Pause around the open lips of the vagina to see if she
 is wet and, if so, she is ready for the first strike. Spanking is sexual, sensual, erotic. It 
has absolutely nothing to do with causing pain. It is about ultimate pleasure.”

“Spanking outdoors has the double pleasure of doing something
 illicit and doing it in a place where you might be seen.”

“The best position for spanking girls is over the knees in such a way that your fingertips 
and toes just touch the ground and your bottom is at an angle that makes it easy for the
 spanker to maintain a metronome beat. There is something overwhelmingly feminine
 being exposed in this way, breasts full and pendulous, eyes pressed shut, your mind
 clear and your body free to plunge into absolute sensation.”

Spanking must be steady, rhythmic, slap, slap, slap, slap, slap, moving from one area 
to another until both cheeks glow with a rosy bloom that lights the charge and sends
 the electric message to the restless clitoris. 

“When a hand comes down across your bottom, the sting is quickly followed by a prickling
 numbness. The pain vanishes and the heat generated from those slaps sends lines of 
electric fire through all the tissues and nerve endings, ripples of warmth that gather
 in a wave of sensations, a million tiny kisses that lap over your clitoris and take you
 to a breath-taking orgasm. That’s why girls like spanking and spanking girls 
is a unique pleasure.”

Spanking is about pleasure, not pain, and contemporary couples of my acquaintance 
swap positions so that she has a turn at spanking and he submits to her loving hand. 
He does not have a clitoris, of course, but an erection heated by a good spanking 
is firmer and lasts long into the night. 

“There is an innate gratification in falling from grace. The supreme pleasure of love
 is illicit love, a feeling that you are doing wrong. Spanking girls and being a girl
 receiving a spanking captures that feeling, that beyond the pleasure enhanced by 
the pain is a sense that you are being just a little bit wicked.”

“Don’t spit, swallow: there is protein and other good stuff in male semen; 
it’s an acquired taste and, once acquired, totally addictive.”

“There is a moment when time stops, when the air grows still, when you enter a 
state of nothingness, a state of purity and perfection. That is the moment to strive for.”

“In pain you are living in the present and as the pain passes there is pleasure
 from having endured the pain.”

“With a man, pleasure ends at the moment of his orgasm. With a woman, 
pleasure begins at the point of her orgasm.”

Chloë Thurlow

Erotic novelist and essayist. Her books include A Girl's Adventure 2006, Being a Girl 2007, 
Girl Trade 2010, The Secret Life of Girls 2010, Sophie's Secret 2012, and Katie in Love 2015

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