A new reality / An event of reading | Cassandra Falke, 2016


 "The event of reading, like the event of loving, is singular. Just as our love for another 
creates a new reality as it unfolds, each reading of a particular text makes us lovers 
without precedent. Reading creates in us new ways of loving, and thus new ways 
of being. Or it can. In order for a book to work on us this way, we have to open 
ourselves up to an intentionality and signifying practice that originates outside of 
our own "egological sphere." Because we cannot anticipate the way we will be
 changed by an event of reading, we commit ourselves first to the act of surrender 
itself and, through that surrender of our own intentionality, find ourselves remade."

Cassandra Falke, The Phenomenology of Love and Reading, 2016


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