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Union City (1980)
Director: Marcus Reichert
Writers: Cornell Woolrich (short story “The Corpse Next Door”), Marcus Reichert (as Mark Reichert)
Cinematography: Edward Lachman
Stars: Dennis Lipscomb, Everett McGill, Sam McMurray, Debbie Harry

Union City (1980)                                                 Debbie Harry and Everett McGill 
Debbie Harry and Everett McGill 

The film was made and released about forty-three years after its source short story 
"The Corpse Next Door" by Cornell Woolrich had been first published in 1937.

"Before Twin Peaks (1990) there was Union City (1980)"

Everett McGill

Marcus Reichert and Deborah Harry on the set of Union City, March 1979

Debut leading role in a cinema movie for Debbie Harry.

"I refused to call Deborah Harry anything but that. Everyone called her Debbie. I said, I won't have
 a Debbie in my film. She laughed, and we got on fine together. Now she's universally Deborah. 
At the time, Blondie wasn't known in the States - Heart Of Glass only hit number one while we 
were filming. I'd already spent some time here in the UK and I knew she was worth taking a 
chance on. She put her soul into her screen test and it was very moving. Obviously, she had 
an edge, and she wasn't afraid to appear ridiculous or ugly. For a beautiful woman in cinema 
this is absolutely essential. I wrote the screenplay in November and we were filming in March. 
It all happened that fast."

Deborah Harry Screen Test - Union City
Blondie - Union City Blue, 1979

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