Reality is the Theory; Art is the Practice | Word Art by Lawrence Weiner, 1942-2021

Lawrence Weiner, Untitled, 1966

"Reality is the theory; art is the practice."

Lawrence Weiner 
 Lawrence Weiner, Untitled, 1992                                               Lawrence Weiner, Untitled, 1992
Lawrence Weiner

"The most important thing in the world, the most expensive thing, is time. 
The only way you can get time is to buy it."

Lawrence Weiner, “On Art,” 2016
Lawrence Weiner, stars don't stand still in the sky for anybody, 1990                Lawrence Weiner for Factory Records, 1985   
 Lawrence Weiner, Untitled, 1968                                       Lawrence Weiner, Shot to Hell...,1996
Lawrence Weiner, Deep Blue Sky / Light Blue Sky, 2007

"People, buying my stuff, can take it wherever they go and can rebuild it if they choose.
 If they keep it in their heads, that's fine too. They don't have to buy it to have it - they 
can just have it by knowing it."

Lawrence Weiner

 Lawrence Weiner, Untitled, 2005                 Lawrence Weiner, As Time Goes By, 1993
 Lawrence Weiner
 Lawrence Weiner, Untitled, 1999                                        Lawrence Weiner, Untitled (Oval Over the Triangle, 1999
Lawrence Weiner, Galerie Max Hetzier, 1992                                      Installation view of Lawrence Weiner’s 1978 solo exhibition

"An artist can say a cup of coffee is art, but he's a damn fool if he
 says a cup of coffee isn't a cup of coffee, just because it's art."

Lawrence Weiner at Amsterdam; 
Interview by Willoughby Sharp from Having Been Said

 Lawrence Weiner, Untitled, 1992
Lawrence Weiner,  Notebooks, 2005-2009

1. The artist may construct the piece.

2. The piece may be fabricated.

3. The piece need not be built.

Each being equal and consistent with the intent of the artist, the decision 
as to condition rests with the receiver upon the occasion of receivership.

Lawrence Weiner,  Statement of Intent, 1968

          Lawrence Weiner, Water In Milk Exists, 2008 

Lawrence Weiner (1942 – 2021) was an American conceptual artist. He was one of the 
central figures in the formation of conceptual art in the 1960s. His work often took the 
form of typographic texts, a form of word art.
After graduating from high school, Weiner had a variety of jobs—he worked on an oil tanker, 
on docks, and unloading railroad cars. He traveled throughout North America before returning 
to New York, where he exhibited at Seth Siegelaub Contemporary Art in 1964 and 1965. 

Lawrence Weiner | Art is about Showing, 2016
Lawrence Weiner's publications

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