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Introducing Rita Moss, 1956 / Photography:  Bill Hughes

Rita Moss, whose real name was Loreta L. Waynesboro, was born in Akron, Ohio, on July 4, 1918.
Although she took piano lessons as a child, she was a mostly self-taught multi-instrumentalist
who could play piano, organ and drums. 
Eventually she became a singer too, with an impressive 4-octave vocal range.

Rita Moss, Bopligatto                             Rita Moss, Jungle Drums

Rita Moss, 1918-2015                                                                     Billboard, 31 Mars 1956

 “Rita Moss, the one of a kind, the Girl With the Flaxen Voice, has beguiled me 
since the first time I heard her. This unique facility of hers is as natural as 
breathing in and breathing out.”

In an article dated June 1952, Jet magazine wrote that there was finally a rival 
for Yma Sumac “in cute Rita Moss, who has a sensational fouroctave
 range voice. She is due for a bigtime treatment.

Rita Moss, I Only Have Eyes For You          Rita Moss, One Hundred Years from Today


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