Alphabetarion # Message | Patricia Highsmith, 1960

Frederick Varley (1881-1969), The Lonesome Tree

"He ran into a tree, hurting his shoulder and the right side of his head. It was vaguely familiar 
to him, the action of running into a tree. Where? When? He went slowly back to the tree and
 put his hand on its rough, immovable trunk, confident that the tree would tell him an important 
piece of wisdom, or a secret. He felt it, but he could not find words for it: it had something to do 
with identity. The tree knew who he was really, and he had been destined to bump into it. The tree
 had a further message. It told him to be calm and quiet and to stay with Annabelle."

Patricia Highsmith, This Sweet Sickness, 1960


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