Alphabetarion # Population | Michel Foucault, 1976

 Parviz Tanavoli,The Poet and the Beloved of the King 1964–6

“A policing of sex: that is, not the rigor of a taboo, but the necessity of regulating 
sex through useful and public discourses. A few examples will suffice. One of the 
great innovations in the techniques of power in the eighteenth century was the 
emergence of “population” as an economic and political problem: population as 
wealth, population as manpower or labor capacity, population balanced between its 
own growth and the resources it commanded. Governments perceived that they were 
not dealing simply with subjects, or even with a “people,” but with a “population,” with 
its specific phenomena and its peculiar variables: birth and death rates, life expectancy,
 fertility, state of health, frequency of illnesses, patterns of diet and habitation.”

 Michel Foucault, The History of Sexuality, Volume 1: An Introduction, 1976


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