When Man Enters Woman | Anne Sexton, 1928-1974

Sarah Crowner, The Wave (Electric Orange), 2014 

When man,

enters woman,

like the surf biting the shore,

again and again,

and the woman opens her mouth with pleasure

and her teeth gleam

like the alphabet,

Logos appears milking a star,

and the man

inside of woman

ties a knot

so that they will

never again be separate

and the woman

climbs into a flower

and swallows its stem

and Logos appears

and unleashes their rivers.

This man,

this woman

with their double hunger,

have tried to reach through

the curtain of God

and briefly they have,

though God

in His perversity

unties the knot.

Anne Sexton, When Man Enters Woman, 1928-74

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