Alphabetarion # Fan | Yasunari Kawabata, 1948

 Ryan Gander, Prepared for slowness, 2018

“Her kimono stood out from her neck,and her back and shoulders 
were like a white fan spread under it. ”

  Yasunari Kawabata, Snow Country, 1948

Ode to Salt | Pablo Neruda, 1904-1973

Raye Roberts Platt, salt washing near marine salt mines, Colombia, 1964

This salt
in the salt cellar
I once saw in the salt mines.
I know
you won't
believe me
it sings
salt sings, the skin
of the salt mines
with a mouth smothered
by the earth.
I shivered in those
when I heard
the voice
the salt
in the desert.
Near Antofagasta
the nitrous
a mournful

In its caves
the salt moans, mountain
of buried light,
translucent cathedral,
crystal of the sea, oblivion
of the waves.
And then on every table
in the world,
we see your piquant
vital light
our food.
of the ancient
holds of ships,
the high seas,
of the unknown, shifting
byways of the foam.
Dust of the sea, in you
the tongue receives a kiss
from ocean night:
taste imparts to every seasoned
dish your ocean essence;
the smallest,
wave from the saltcellar
reveals to us
more than domestic whiteness;
in it, we taste finitude.

Pablo Neruda, 1904-1973 


The Smiling Eyes II | Laos / China / Vietnam / Thailand / Lapland / Russia / Mongolia / Kazakhstan / Tibet / Nepal / Guatemala / Paraguay / Panama / Brazil / Peru / India

Hong Kong, China                                                                                    Cambodia, Southeast Asia
Miyanmar, Burma
-                                                             Laos 
Burma, Myanmar 
Kazakhstan                                                                       Laos
Miao, China 
-                                                               Vietnam 
Thailand                                                                  Vietnam
Tahiti, Polynesia                                                                    Japan 
Guatemala                                                             Guizhou, China
 Nepal                                                                    Lapland
Western Siberia, Russia                                                                           Tibet
Paraguay                                                                               Panama
Brazil                                                                         Peru
 Sa Pa, Vietnam                                                                             Peru
India                                                                        Rajasthan

-                                                              Goa, India 


A desert | Andrés Neuman, 2012

Ghost Trap, Tibet  

“A forest on my bookshelves and a desert in my house. Yet, no matter 
how far I venture into the forest, I always come across the same desert.” 

Andrés Neuman, Talking to Ourselves, 2012

Άνθη θαλερά μέσα στον κήπο του έρωτα | Θανάσης Κωσταβάρας, 2006

Helen Frankenthaler,  Western Dream,  1957

"Γιατί σε είχα ξεχωρίσει
πολύ πριν να συναντηθούμε.
Μέσα στους κήπους των παιδικών μου πόθων
εγώ ο ονειροπόλος κι εσύ η ονειρεμένη
σαν διαλεγμένοι από την καλή μας τη μοίρα
είχαμε ήδη
Έτσι όπως σε ονειρεύτηκα τότε
έτσι σε βλέπω και τώρα.
Κάτω απ’ τα φώτα της ανθισμένης ροδιάς
να μου χαμογελάς και να λάμπεις.
Να μου μιλάς τη γλώσσα που μιλούν οι μανόλιες
και που φωταυγούν τα χρυσάνθεμα.
Να μου στέλνεις με το θρόισμα των φύλλων της λεύκας
τρυφερές υποσχέσεις για τις αυριανές συναντήσεις μας."

Θανάσης Κωσταβάρας, Άνθη θαλερά μέσα στον κήπο του έρωτα (απόσπασμα)
Χαιρετισμοί, 2006


Events | Sigurdur Gudmundsson / Margaret Atwood / Stendhal / Philip Roth / Robert Penn Warren, 1890-2004

Sigurdur Gudmundsson, Event, 1975

“I cannot provide the reality of events, I can only convey their shadow.”

 Stendhal, The Life of Henry Brulard, 1890

“She knows herself to be at the mercy of events,
and she knows by now that events have no mercy.”

Margaret Atwood, The Blind Assassin, 2000

“Son, anything can happen to anyone," my father told me, "but it usually doesn't.”

Philip Roth, The Plot Against America, 2004

“For meaning is never in the event but in the motion through event. 
Otherwise we could isolate an instant in the event and say that this is the event itself. 
The meaning. But we cannot do that. For it is the motion which is important.”

Robert Penn Warren, All the King's Men, 1946

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