Canto XIII | Ezra Pound, 1925

Prunus mume blossoms

Kung walked
by the dynastic temple
and into the cedar grove,
and then out by the lower river,
And with him Khieu Tchi
and Tian the low speaking
And "we are unknown," said Kung,
"You will take up charioteering?
"Then you will become known,
"Or perhaps I should take up charioterring, or archery?
"Or the practice of public speaking?"
And Tseu-lou said, "I would put the defences in order,"
And Khieu said, "If I were lord of a province
"I would put it in better order than this is."
And Tchi said, "I would prefer a small mountain temple,
"With order in the observances,
with a suitable performance of the ritual,"
And Tian said, with his hand on the strings of his lute
The low sounds continuing
after his hand left the strings,
And the sound went up like smoke, under the leaves,
And he looked after the sound:
"The old swimming hole,
"And the boys flopping off the planks,
"Or sitting in the underbrush playing mandolins."
And Kung smiled upon all of them equally.
And Thseng-sie desired to know:
"Which had answered correctly?"
And Kung said, "They have all answered correctly,
"That is to say, each in his nature."
And Kung raised his cane against Yuan Jang,
Yuan Jang being his elder,
For Yuan Jang sat by the roadside pretending to
be receiving wisdom.
And Kung said
"You old fool, come out of it,
"Get up and do something useful."
And Kung said
"Respect a child's faculties
"From the moment it inhales the clear air,
"But a man of fifty who knows nothng
Is worthy of no respect."
And "When the prince has gathered about him
"All the savants and artists, his riches will be fully employed."
And Kung said, and wrote on the bo leaves:
If a man have not order within him
He can not spread order about him;
And if a man have not order within him
His family will not act with due order;
And if the prince have not order within him
He can not put order in his dominions.
And Kung gave the words "order"
and "brotherly deference"
And said nothing of the "life after death."
And he said
"Anyone can run to excesses,
"It is easy to shoot past the mark,
"It is hard to stand firm in the middle."

And they said: If a man commit murder
Should his father protect him, and hide him?
And Kung said:
He should hide him.

And Kung gave his daughter to Kong-Tchang
Although Kong-Tchang was in prison.
And he gave his niece to Nan-Young
although Nan-Young was out of office.
And Kung said "Wan ruled with moderation,
"In his day the State was well kept,
"And even I can remember
"A day when the historians left blanks in their writings,
"I mean, for things they didn't know,
"But that time seems to be passing.
A day when the historians left blanks in their writings,
But that time seems to be passing."
And Kung said, "Without character you will
"be unable to play on that instrument
"Or to execute the music fit for the Odes.
"The blossoms of the apricot
"blow from the east to the west,
"And I have tried to keep them from falling." 

 Ezra Pound, Canto XIII, 1925

Prunus mume is an Asian tree species classified in the Armeniaca section of the genus 
Prunus subgenus Prunus. Its common names include Chinese plum and Japanese apricot.


Alphabetarion # Horizon | Paul Virilio, 1999

Guillermo Mordillo, 1932-2019

“Since there was no longer a horizon towards which to rush, 
they would invent fake ones - substitute horizons.”

 Paul Virilio, The Information Bomb, 1999

Inner Feeling | Photos by Consuelo Kanaga, 1930s-1950s

Consuelo Kanaga, She Is a Tree of Life to Them, Florida, 1950*                                             Consuelo Kanaga, Untitled, 1940s
                                                                                    *  title by Edward Steichen 
 Consuelo Kanaga, Untitled, 1930s                                             Consuelo Kanaga, Untitled, 1930s

Consuelo Kanaga,  Girl with Straw Hat, 1940                                         Consuelo Kanaga, Young Girl, Tennessee, 1948
Consuelo Kanaga, Southern Girls, 1940s
    Consuelo Kanaga, Child with Apple Blossoms, Tennessee, 1948
Consuelo Kanaga, Untitled, 1940s
Consuelo Kanaga, Portrait of a Young Girl, 1940s                                      Consuelo Kanaga, Young Girl, Tennessee
Consuelo Kanaga, Two Women, Harlem, 1930s
Consuelo Kanaga, Mother and Son or The Question, Florida, 1950                                                              Consuelo Kanaga, Untitled
Consuelo Kanaga - Young Girl in Profile, 1948  

"I would sacrifice resemblance any day to get the inner feeling of a person."

Consuelo Kanaga

"I could have done lots more, put in much more work and developed more pictures, but I had 
also a desire to say what I felt about life. Simple things like a little picture in the window 
or the corner of the studio or an old stove in the kitchen have always been fascinating to me. 
They are very much alive, these flowers and grasses with the dew on them. Stieglitz always said, 
"What have you got to say?" I think in a few small cases I've said a few things, expressed how I 
felt, trying to show the horror of poverty or the beauty of black people. I think that in photography
 what you've done is what you've had to say. In everything this has been the message of my life. 
A simple supper, being with someone you love, seeing a deer come around to eat or drink at the 
barn - I like things like that. If I could make one true, quiet photograph, I would much prefer
 it to having a lot of answers."

 Consuelo Kanaga

Calm & Storm | Willa Cather, 1915

Maxime Maufra, The Cliffs at Beg-ar-Fry, Saint-Jean-du-Doigt, 1895

"There are some things you learn best in calm, and some in storm." 

Willa Cather, The Song of the Lark, 1915

Alphabetarion # Lack | Heiner Müller, 1929-1995

Ilya Chashnik,  Suprematism, 1920

“Optimism is just lack of information.” 

 Heiner Müller, 1929-1995

The Book & the Movie: Uncle Silas | J. Sheridan Le Fanu,1864 / Charles Frank, 1947

J. Sheridan Le Fanu, Uncle Silas, 1864                                         Charles Stewart’s illustration for Sheridan Le Fanu’s Uncle Silas (1864)

“The air was still. The silvery vapour hung serenely on the far horizon, and the
frosty stars blinked brightly. Everyone knows the effect of such a scene on a
 mind already saddened. Fancies and regrets float mistily in the dream, and
the scene affects us with a strange mixture of memory and anticipation,
like some sweet old air heard in the distance.”

“The stream of life is black and angry; how so many of us get across without drowning,
I often wonder. The best way is not to look too far before-just from one stepping-stone
to another; and though you may wet your feet, He won't let you drown-He has not
 allowed me.”

 Joseph Sheridan Le Fanu, Uncle Silas, 1864

“Knowledge is power-and power of one sort or another is the secret lust of
human souls; and here is, beside the sense of exploration, the undefinable
interest of a story, and above all, something forbidden, to stimulate the
contumacious appetite.”

“Perhaps other souls than human are sometimes born into the world, and clothed in flesh.”

 Joseph Sheridan Le Fanu, Uncle Silas, 1864

 Jean Simmons and Katina Paxinou                                                                     Katina Paxinou

“The mind is a different organ by night and by day.”

“The world," he resumed after a short pause, "has no faith in any man's conversion;
it never forgets what he was, it never believes him anything better, it is an inexorable
 and stupid judge.”

 Joseph Sheridan Le Fanu, Uncle Silas, 1864

Katina Paxinou
 Jean Simmons

"It was now the stormy equinoctial weather that sounds the wild dirge of autumn,
and marches the winter in. I love, and always did, that gran undefinable music,
threatening and bewailing, with its strange soul of liberty and desolation."

"No one is ever too old to do a foolish thing."

Joseph Sheridan Le Fanu, Uncle Silas, 1864

Uncle Silas (1947)
Director: Charles Frank
Writers: Sheridan Le Fanu (novel), Ben Travers (screenplay)
Cinematography: Robert Krasker
Stars: Jean Simmons, Derrick De Marney, Katina Paxinou 

Over the Map of One's mind | Katherine Mansfield, 1922-23

Paul Pryor, A young lady inserts maps into National Geographic magazines, 1930's

"It's rather nice to think of oneself as a sailor bending over the map of one's mind and deciding
where to go and how to go. The great thing to remember is we can do whatever we wish to do
 provided our wish is strong enough."

The Collected Letters of Katherine Mansfield: 1922-1923


Flowers | Paintings by Odilon Redon, 1867-1915

Odilon Redon, Ophelia among the Flowers, 1905                                                 Odilon Redon, Vase of Flowers, 1908
Odilon Redon, Flowers in green vase, 1868
Odilon Redon, Flowers, 1905                                                                 Odilon Redon, Large Boquet on a Black Background, 1910
Odilon Redon, Portrait of Violette Heymann, 1910
Odilon Redon, Flowers in a Red Pitcher, 1900                                                       Odilon Redon, Flowers in a Pot, 1900
Odilon Redon, Geraniums, 1910
Odilon Redon, Bouquet of Flowers, 1910                            Odilon Redon, The Masked Anemone
Odilon Redon, Ophelia Among the Flowers, 1905
Odilon Redon, Vase of Flowers Pansies                                            Odilon Redon, Flowers in a Blue Jug

Odilon Redon, Vase of Flowers on a Red Tablecloth, 1900                                 Odilon Redon, Vase of Flowers, 1905
Odilon Redon, Nasturtiums, 1912
Odilon Redon, Wildflowers, 1906                                          Odilon Redon, Flowers in a Turquoise Vase, 1912
Odilon Redon, Minosas, Anemonies and Leaves in a Blue Vase, 1915                 Odilon Redon, Minosas, Wild flowers in a Long-necked Vase, 1912
Odilon Redon, Vase of poppies
Odilon Redon, Flowers, 1912                                          Odilon Redon, Flowers, 1905
Odilon Redon, Poppies and Daisies, 1867

Longing | Anna Kamienska, 1920-1986

Dina Woelffer, Untitled (Daughter of Gertrude Abercrombie), 1949

"Even a painful longing is some form of presence."

Parentship | Buster Keaton / Charles M. Schulz / Charlie Chaplin / Marlene Dietrich / Kirk Douglas / Grace Kelly / Dean Martin / Richard Burton / Paul Newman / Dustin Hoffman

 Buster Keaton and sons                                                                   Kirk Douglas, his second wife Anne, and their two sons 
Nadine, Jean-Louis and little Marie Trintignant
Al Hirschfeld with his daughter Nina, 1961                        Charles M. Schulz and daughter Jill, 1967 
Dustin Hoffman with his daughter Karina, 1969
Carolina and Grace Kelly with Ingrid Bergman, London, '70s
Bob Willoughby, Richard Burton and his daughter Kate, Northampton, 1965      Burt Lancaster with daughter Sighle (pronounced Sheila), 1961
Charlie Chaplin with daughters Josephine and Victoria, 1966
Frank Sinatra and daughter Nancy with Yul Brynner, 1965
Horst, Marlene Dietrich and daughter Maria Riva, 1947             Steve McQueen kisses his daughter Terry goodnight, 1963
Astronaut Scott Carpenter with daughter Candy, 1962
Dean Martin with daughter Gina Caroline, 1958                                  Paul Newman and his children on vacation in France, 1965
Robert Redford and daughter Shauna, 1969

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