Flick Review < Shadows | John Cassavetes, 1959

 "We were improvising . . . every scene was very simple. They were predicated on 
people having problems that were overcome with other problems. At the end of
 the scene another problem would come in and overlap".

John Cassavetes

Shadows (1958)
Director: John Cassavetes
Written: John Cassavetes, Robert Alan Aurthur
Cinematography: Erich Kollmar
Stars: Ben Carruthers, Lelia Goldoni, Hugh Hurd
Music: Shafi Hadi, Charles Mingus
Produced: Maurice McEndree, Nikos Papatakis

"Shadows will always be the film I love the best simply because it was the first one..."

John Cassavetes

"Shadows presents contemporary reality in a fresh and unconventional manner...
The improvisation, spontaneity, and free inspiration that are almost entirely lost
in most films from an excess of professionalism are fully used in this film."

Jonas Mekas, Film Culture, 1959

John Cassavetes in Shadows (1958)
John Cassavetes and Shafi Hadi in Shadows (1958)
John Cassavetes with his crew on the set of Shadows (1959)


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Anonymous said...

Cassavetes also turned in good performances in "Husbands" and also "Machine Gun McCain," both opposite his real-life friend Peter Falk.

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