Summer | Ads by Lora Lamm / Milan, 1955-1960

Lora Lamm, La Rinascente's home, 1960
Summer and Sea, 1959                                                                                                       Beach wear, 1960

*Posters for summertime sales at La Rinascente department store, Milan 

Lora Lamm, Fashion starts at La Rinascente” Poster, 1959
Lora Lamm, Estate e moda, la Rinascente, 1958

Lora Lamm, Pirelli, 1960                                                    Lora Lamm,  Pirelli Per Lo Scooter, 1959              
Lora Lamm, Tutto in acqua, La Rinascente, 1955
Lora Lamm, La Rinascente, 1956
Lora Lamm, La Rinascente, 1956 

The career of Swiss graphic designer Lora Lamm has spanned 60 years, but she is best known
 for her ten years of glorious work in Milan, from 1953 to 1963, when she designed packaging,
 posters and invitations for La Rinascente, Pirelli and Elizabeth Arden, among others.

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