A Thought For the New Year | Friedrich Nietzsche, 1882

Ángel Noriega Vázquez

"For the New Year—I still live, I still think; I must still live, for I must still think. Sum, ergo cogito: cogito, ergo sum.
To-day everyone takes the liberty of expressing his wish and his favorite thought: well, I also mean to tell what I have
 wished for myself today, and what thought first crossed my mind this year,—a thought which ought to be the basis,
the pledge and the sweetening of all my future life! I want more and more to perceive the necessary characters in
things as the beautiful:—I shall thus be one of those who beautify things. Amor fati: let that henceforth be
my love! I do not want to wage war with the ugly. I do not want to accuse, I do not want even to accuse the accusers.
 Looking aside, let that be my sole negation! And all in all, to sum up: I wish to be at any time hereafter only a yea-sayer!"

Friedrich Nietzsche, January of 1882, Sanctus Januarius in The Gay Science


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