Christmas Days, 1900s - 1940s

Children carry Christmas trees home, December 1923
New York, early 1900's
New York, 1910
Henk Hilterman,  Holland, 1949                                       Anders Beer Wilse, Christmas preparations, Oslo, 1905
A little girl taking home her Christmas Tree, bought from Caledonian Road Market, London, 1929
A soldier carrying a christmas tree, December 1915   
A. R. Coster, A young sailor buys a Christmas tree in a queue of children, 24th Dec 1918 
Children carrying holly and mistletoe, December 1915
West End of London, December 1939 
Arthur Leipzig,  Children looking at Christmas toys, 1944
Going Caroling, December 1924                                Andre Kertesz, Homing Ship, Central Park. 1944
Boys of Ardingly School at the start of the Christmas holidays, 1926
Tony Vaccaro, Christmas tree picking, Germany, 1947

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