On the way to school II | Ansel Adams / Eve Arnold / Marc Riboud / John Gutmann / David Vestal / Robert Doisneau / Leonard Freed / Bernard Hoffman, 1935-1979

Schoolchildren at Chew Magna Council School, Somerset, with bicycles that they have 
been given as they live too far away from their school to walk, 1935
The first day of school, Portugal, 1936
Tino Petrelli, Children go to school by air, Guiglia, Italy, 1959
Marc Riboud, Turkey, 1955                               Eve Arnold, Schoolgirl in Kuban, 1965
John Gutmann, "School Zone," Chinatown, San Francisco, 1935
David Vestal, Blackwater School, Gila River Indian Community, Arizona, 1966
Greg Girard, Two High school Students, Tokyo, 1979
Robert Doisneau, Les écoliers curieux, Paris, 1953
Bernard Hoffman, A boy riding his bicycle to school, Illinois, 1946                     Leonard Freed, Running to school, Leipzig, Germany, 1965
Ansel Adams, School Children, Manzanar, California, 1943    /   Hansel Mieth, Children ride to school from outlying ranches, St. Helena, Montana, 1940
Albert Wahrhaftig, School Children, Nazare, Portugal, 1962

On account of the heat wave the school lessons were held outside, To protect the children 
against the sun and distractions they carry paper hats, 1935


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