Watermelons | Winslow Homer / Helen Levitt / Ruth Orkin / Vincenzo Balocchi / Irving Penn / Dennis Stock / George Bouzianis / Frida Kahlo / Nobuyoshi Araki

James P. Blair, Ear-deep in watermelon, a boy eats a juicy slice at a festival in Florida, December 1963

“When one has tasted watermelon he knows what the angels eat.” 

Mark Twain

Periklis Pantazis, The boy who eats watermelon, 1880                                                             A. Stamatiades, Boy Eating Watermelon, 1954
Winslow Homer, The Watermelon Boys, 1876
Dennis Stock,  Farmer's market, USA. Atlanta, Ga. 1964
Frida Kahlo, Viva La Vida, 1954
Ruth Orkin, Looking down on watermelons, NYC, 1950                                                          Vincenzo Balocchi, Watermelons
Helen Levitt, New York, 1981
Vincenzo Balocchi, Watermelons, Tuscany, 1952                                                             Abbe Lane eating watermelon during a boat trip. Venice, 1958
Irving Penn, Still Life with Watermelon, New York, 1947                                                       George Bouzianis, 1931
Vincenzo Balocchi, Watermelons

Nobuyoshi Araki, 1991 (Colourscapes series)

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