Motherlands | Assemblages by Sergei Parajanov, 1967-1989

Sergei Parajanov, By Jansem's way, 1987
Homage to Fabergé, 1984                                                        Easter, 1984
Sergei Parajanov 
Bouquet after the rain 1987                                                      Portrait of Daniel Olbrychski, 1981
Sergei Parajanov 
 Repentance. Variations on the themes of Pinturicchio and Raphael, 1989
Sergei Parajanov, Several Episodes from Giaconda’s life, 1988
Triple portrait with Maya Plisetskaya & Vladimir Vysotsky, 1988                                  The Virgin Mary, 1985 
Mona Lisa in Hell, 1988
The Life and Death of General Radko, 1983                     Childhood of Invasion, 1983
Prayer about Ovnatanyan, 1967
 King Heracle on the throne1984                          St. George in Blue, 1986
Eurek (Yuri Gagarin), 1983 

"Everyone knows that I have three Motherlands. I was born in
Georgia, worked in Ukraine and I'm going to die in Armenia."

Sergei Parajanov 

Sergei Parajanov (1924-90) Soviet and Armenian film director and artist

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