In a bathtub | Salvador Dali / Buster Keaton / Charlie Chaplin / Cary Grant / Steve McQueen / Mia Farrow / Duke Ellington / Glenn Ford / Pablo Picasso / John Lennon / David Bowie / Edward G. Robinson / Charlotte Rampling / Mick Jagger , 1920-1978

 Saul Steinberg, Girl in Bathtub, 1949                                    Buster Keaton in One Week, 1920
Salvador Dali drawing in bathtub, 1930s
John Lennon on the hotel bathroom set at Twickenham Film Studios during the filming of 
A Hard Day’s Night, 1964
Cary Grant in I Was a Male War Bride, Howard Hawks, 1949                                  Edward G. Robinson on the set of Key Largo, 1948
Mick Jagger, Michèle Breton, Anita Pallenberg - Performance, 1970 
Directors: Donald Cammell, Nicolas Roeg
David Bowie - Just a gigolo by David Hemmings, 1978                                                                      Duke Ellington in bath, 1952
Trouble for Two, directed by J. Walter Ruben, 1936
Glenn Ford, Cowboy, 1958
Charlie Chaplin, Pay Day, 1922
Steve McQueen -Tuesday Weld in a scene from The Cincinnati Kid, 1965 / Director: Norman Jewison
Charlotte Rampling in bathtub from the film 'Georgy Girl', 1966                 David Douglas Duncan,  Picasso in the bathtub with Jacqueline Roque, 1956

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