Flick Review < Fourteen Hours | Henry Hathaway, 1951

Robert Cosick: Everybody lies to me!
Grace Kelly’s screen debut in Fourteen Hours (1951)

Fourteen Hours (1951)
Director: Henry Hathaway
Writers: John Paxton (screenplay), Joel Sayre (story)
Cinematography: Joseph MacDonald
Stars: Paul Douglas, Richard Basehart, Barbara Bel Geddes, Grace Kelly

This film is based on a real-life incident which happened July 26, 1938, in New York City. 
John W. Warde, 26, leaped 17 floors to his death from the ledge outside a room in the Hotel Gotham.

Howard Hawks refused to direct this movie because of its subject matter.

* Richard Basehart's performance impressed Federico Fellini, who subsequently cast him 
in La Strada (1954)

* Film debut of Grace Kelly and John Cassavetes

Henry Hathaway (right) directs Richard Basehart (left) and Paul Douglas, Fourteen Hours (1951)

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