The Fortune Teller | Theda Bara / Django Reinhardt / Basil Rathbone / Marilyn Monroe / Cristobal Balenciega / Edith Piaf (1915 - 1956)

Carnival Fortune Teller, 1938
 Brassaï, The Fortune Teller, 1933                                                     Brassaï, The Fortune Teller, Paris, 1930     
Edith Piaf reading the palm of Django Reinhardt, Paris, 1947
A young man has his palms ready by a fortune teller in Havana, Cuba, 1946
Postcard, 1919                                                                                                         Inge Morath, Cristobal Balenciega with turban, 1956
A crystal ball prediction toy, with its inventor dressed as a fortune teller, on Inventor's day 
at the Ideal Toy Co, Hollis, New York, 1955
André Kertész, Fortune Teller, Paris, 1930
Theda Bara in 1915’s silent film Carmen                                                    Algerian Fortune Teller, 1920s         
Marilyn Monroe getting her palm read by Hassan, the fortune teller, at The Beverly Hills Hotel, 1954
* A fortune teller at the South Louisiana State Fair in Donaldsonville, Louisiana, 1938
** A young Chinese boy has his hand read by an Indian fortune-teller under Elgin Bridge, Singapore, 1948
Chinese fortune teller showing close-up of hand, 1947
Basil Rathbone as Sherlock Holmes, visiting a fortune teller in 'Pursuit To Algiers', 
directed by Roy William Neill, 1945
A fortune teller plies his trade outside a temple in Thailand. In his case is a picture of King Rama IX (Bhumibol or Phumiphon) of Thailand, 1955

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Anonymous said...

Edith Piaf, esotericist and Rosicrucian.

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