New Year's Eve on the subway | Photos by Danny Lyon, New York, 1966

Danny Lyon, Subway Train, 1966
Danny Lyon, Subway Man, 1966
Danny Lyon, Subway Two Boys, 1966
Danny Lyon, Underground: 1966
Danny Lyon, Underground: 1966
Danny Lyon, Underground: 1966
Danny Lyon, Subway No Standing, 1966

Danny Lyon was famous for his work photographing the civil rights movement in the south and motorcycle gangs in Chicago. 
When he returned to New York, his mother told him, if ever got bored, he should "just talk to someone on the subway.” 

The result is a photo series he called "Underground: 1966," which features eight pictures Lyon took candidly of travelers 
on the New York City Subway system in Brooklyn during New Year's Eve in 1966.

Stereosc2pe + | Two girls | Micheline Boyadjian (1966-69)

Micheline Boyadjian, Quatre Mains, 1966
Micheline Boyadjian,  Les deux fillettes, 1969


The Book & the Movie: Letter from an Unknown Woman / Stefan Zweig (1922) | Max Ophüls (1948)

"The course of our lives can be changed by such little things. So many passing by, each intent on his own problems. So many faces that one 
might easily have been lost... I know now that nothing happens by chance. Every moment is measured; every step is counted."

Stefan Zweig, Letter from an Unknown Woman, 1922

"I had spent my whole life standing outside your life, which was closed to me."

“But I see nothing miraculous about it. Nothing makes one as healthy as happiness,
and there is no greater happiness than making someone else happy.”

“All I know is that I shall be alone again. There is nothing more terrible than to be alone among human beings.”

“But you smiled at me and said consolingly, "People come back again." "Yes" I said, "they come back, but then they have forgotten".
There must have been something odd, something passionate in the way I said that to you. For you rose to your feet as well and looked at me,
affectionately and very surprised. You took me by the shoulders. "What's good is not forgotten; I will not forget you," you said, and as you
did so you gazed intently at me as if to memorise my image.”

Stefan Zweig, Letter from an Unknown Woman, 1922
"Somewhere out there were your eyes, and I couldn’t escape them."

"I will only thank you for the richness of that night, sparkling with desire, hovering in bliss. When I opened my eyes in the dark and felt you at my side,
I was surprised not to see the stars above me, I could feel heaven so close—no, I never regretted it, beloved, for the sake of that hour I never regretted it.
I remember that when you were asleep and I heard your breathing, felt your body, while I was so close to you, I shed tears of happiness in the dark."

Stefan Zweig, Letter from an Unknown Woman, 1922

"Only now did I come to life again myself, knowing that I was near you, you, my only dream. I did not guess that in reality I was as far from 
your mind now, when only the thin, bright glass pane stood between you and my radiant gaze, as if valleys, mountains and rivers separated us."

Stefan Zweig, Letter from an Unknown Woman, 1922

Letter from an Unknown Woman (1948), Max Ophüls

Writers: Howard Koch (screenplay), Stefan Zweig (novel)

Cinematography by Franz Planer 

Stars: Joan Fontaine, Louis Jourdan, Mady Christians

Louis Jourdan and Joan Fontaine taking a break while filming Letter From An Unknown Woman, 1948
Max Ophüls and Joan Fontaine on the set of Letter from an Unknown Woman, 1948
Max Ophuls directing Joan Fontaine on the set, 1948
Joan Fontaine resting on the set of Max Ophuls’s. Letter from an unknown woman, 1948
Letter from an Unknown Woman (1948), Max Ophüls


Alphabetarion # The Sea | Sylvia Plath, 1951

"If I lived by the sea I would never be really sad. I get an immense sense of eternity
 and peace from the ocean. I can lose myself in staring at it hour after hour." 

Sylvia Plath, from a letter to Aurelia Plath, c. July 1951

Alphabetarion # The Reader | Virginia Woolf / Harold Knight

Harold Knight, The Reader, 1910

“I am reading six books at once, the only way of reading; since, as you will agree, one book is only 
a single unaccompanied note, and to get the full sound, one needs ten others at the same time.”  

Virginia Woolf, The Letters of Virginia Woolf: Volume Three, 1923-1928

My First Subject | André Kertész, 1925

André Kertész, Paris, Rue Vavin, 1925                                                                                  Self-portrait, Hotel Beaux Arts, Paris, 1936

“One day my mother said, ‘If you want to go to Paris, go.’ This was a great moment in my life. It was 1925.
Arriving late at night, I and two other Hungarian boys took a room in a hotel. We were very tired, but
 next morning I looked out of the window and saw my first subject… Paris.”

André Kertész, 1894 -1985


Τravel | Anais Nin / Winslow Homer

Winslow Homer, Paddling at Dusk, 1892

"We travel, some of us forever, to seek other states, other lives, other souls." 

Anais Nin

Flick Review < Blast of Silence (1961) | Allen Baron

Narrator: You're alone. But you don't mind that. You're a loner. That's the way it should be. 
You've always been alone. By now it's your trademark. You like it that way.
Narrator: You don't have to know a man to live with him. But you have to know a man 
like a brother to kill him.

 Blast of Silence (1961)
Directed by Allen Baron
Stars: Allen Baron, Molly McCarthy, Larry Tucker
Cinematography Merrill Brody 
Music by Meyer Kupferman

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