Book Covers | Edward Gorey (1959 - 1964)

Henry James, Lady Barberina and Other Tales, 1961             P. M. Hubbard, Picture of Millie, 1964
H. G. Wells, War of the Worlds, 1960                         Edgar Allan Poe, Tales of the Grotesque and the Arabesque, 1960
Bernard Shaw, The Black Girl in Search of God, 1959        Anton Chekhov, St. Peter's Day and Other Tales, 1959 
Cover Design by Edward Gorey / Illustrations by John Farleigh                                                                  
Τhe Book of Courtier, Baldesar Castiglione, 1959         Selected Poems And Letters of Emily Dickinson, 1959
C.P. Snow, The masters, 1959                              Kierkegaard, Doubleday Anchor, 1960
Donald Barthelme, Come Back, Dr. Caligari, 1964              Nikolay Chernyshevsky, What Is to Be Done?, 1961


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