Blossoms | Paintings by Jan Mankes, 1910-1916

Jan Mankes,Vase with Jasmine, 1913                                                        Jan Mankes, Glass with apple blossom, 1913
Jan Mankes, Glas met lelie, 1910                                                   Jan Mankes, Camellias in glass, 1913 
Jan Mankes, Judaspenning in Japanese vase, 1915
Jan Mankes, Aronskelken, 1911                                       Jan Mankes, flowers in green pot, 1916  
Jan Mankes, 1913                                                                  Jan Mankes, Japanse vaasjes, 1911
  Jan Mankes, Still Life of Camellias in a Copper Pot, 1915                                                                                 Jan Mankes, Still life, 1913    

Jan Mankes (1889 – 1920) was a Dutch painter. He produced around 200 paintings,
 100 drawings and 50 prints before dying of tuberculosis at the age of 30.


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