Total Solar Eclipse | Berlin / London / Lancashire / Paris / New York / California / Illinois / Kuwait (1912 - 63)

A group gathered in a window to view the total solar eclipse over London through smoked glass, 1927
Women observe the solar eclipse, Paris, April 8, 1921
 Total eclipse of the sun, 1912
An amateur astronomer viewing an eclipse of the sun through smoked glass
from the Northern Heights in Hornsey, London, 1936
A group of nurses watch a solar eclipse through special dark glasses, June 1927
A crowd in a California town observing the total eclipse of the sun that occurred in September 1923
A crowd of people observing a solar eclipse from the grounds of Stonyhurst College in Lancashire, 1927
Francis Miller, Fifth-grade students from Emerson Elementary School in Maywood, Illinois,
place cardboard boxes over their heads to shield their eyes from the sun, 1963
A London schoolteacher instructs his students not to view the sun with the naked eye but to 
use instead two dense photographic negatives sandwiched together to protect the eyes, 1927
City workers viewing a solar eclipse from their office roof, 1921
George Rodger, Kuwait, Kuwaiti Oil Company personel and their families bring a picnic lunch 
to the desert to watch the eclipse,1952
Two girls in Fleet Street, London viewing the eclipse through a safety filter, 1954
Eclipse watchers squint through protective film as they view a partial eclipse of the sun 
from the top deck of New York's Empire State Building, Aug. 31, 1932
Visitors of the Treptower astronomical observatory in Berlin witness a solar eclipse through a telescope , 1936

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