The Straw Hat | J. S.Sargent / Renoir / Cézanne / V. van Gogh / Modigliani / F. Vallotton / B. Morisot / R. Henri / N. Lytras, 1782-1941

Félix Vallotton, Le Ballon, 1899
John Singer Sargent, A Gust of Wind, 1883-85                             Robert Henri, The Beach Hat, 1914
George Romney, Emma Hart in a Straw Hat, 1782-84                                        William Strang, The Straw Hat, 1912
Alexandru Ciucurencu, Yellow Hat, 1941
Tamara de Lempicka, The Straw Hat, 1930                   Tamara de Lempicka, In The Middle Of Summer, 1928
Alexej von Jawlensky, Lady in a Yellow Straw Hat,  c 1910
Nikolaos Lytras, The Straw Hat, 1925                                      Vincent Van Gogh, Self Portrait with Straw Hat, 1887
Winslow Homer, The Blue Boy, 1876
Vincent Van Gogh, Self-Portrait with a Straw Hat, 1887                                     Paul Cezanne, Boy With a Straw Hat, 1896
Joaquin Sorolla y Bastida, Boy Eating Grapes, 1890
Pierre Auguste Renoir, Girl With A Straw Hat, 1884                          Vincent Van Gogh, Self Portrait with Straw Hat 
John Pettie, The Proposal
 Vincent van GoghStill Life With Straw Hat, 1885
William Quiller Orchardson, The Forest Pet, 1871
Amedeo Modigliani,  Jeanne Hebuterne in a Large Hat, 1918    Vincent van Gogh, Self Portrait with Straw Hat and Pipe, 1887 
Charles Deas, Walking the Chalk, 1838
Antonio Mancini, Woman in a Straw Hat, 1880                                 Antonio Mancini, Self Portrait with Basket, 1883
Eliseu Visconti,1866-1944, Inseparable Friends
Gustave Caillebotte, Autoportrait au Chapeau d’Eté, 1873                                         J. C. Beckwith, The Straw Hat
Berthe Morisot, Summer Day, 1879
Camille Pissarro, Peasant Girl With A Straw Hat, 1889                                   Berthe Morisot,  Young Woman With A Straw Hat, 1884
Henri Rousseau, The Monument to Chopin in the Luxembourg Gardens, 1909
Pierre-Auguste Renoir, Girl with a straw hat, 1884                                               Pierre-Auguste Renoir, Gabrielle au Chapeau de Paille, 1900 
Berthe Morisot, Julie Manet With A Straw Hat                Paul Cézanne, Young Girl Holding a Doll, 1902 
Gustave Caillebotte, Angling, 1878                 Albert Lynch                Vincent van Gogh, Young Girl Against a Background of Wheat, 1890
Vincent van Gogh, Peasant Girl in a Straw Hat in Front of a Wheatfield, 1890                                        Angela Davies, Summer Hat  
Théo van Rysselberghe - Girl in a straw hat (Portrait of Elisabeth van Rysselberghe), 1901

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