J[A-Z]Z / p1ck ( Something Else!!!! | Ornette Coleman, 1958

photo  Walter Zurlinden / design Guidi,  Tri-Arts

Ornette Coleman, Jayne, Something Else!!!!, 1958

While working as an elevator operator in a department store in Los Angeles, Ornette assembled 
a group of musicians with whom he could explore his unusual jazz compositions.

Recorded February 10 & 22, March 24, 1958 at Contemporary's studio in Los Angeles. 

''On his early albums Coleman's attempts to break free of chords and 
chorus-structures are hampered by sidemen who are unwilling to follow his cue.''

Ethan Iverson

"freakishly structured tunes"

Rolling Stone mag  

Ornette Coleman – alto saxophone
Don Cherry – cornet, trumpet 
Walter Norris – piano
Don Payne – double bass
Billy Higgins – drums

Ornette Coleman, Don Cherry, 1958

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