Flick Review < Dead Reckoning | John Cromwell (1947)

Captain Warren 'Rip' Murdock: I hated every part of her but I couldn't figure her out yet. I wanted to see her the way Johnny had.
I wanted to hear that song of hers with Johnny's ears. Maybe she was alright. And maybe Christmas comes in July. But I didn't believe it.

Lizabeth Scott - Either It's Love Or It Isn't
Song written by Allan Roberts and Doris Fisher

"I hated every part of her but I couldn’t figure her out yet."

Captain Warren 'Rip' Murdock:  Put Christmas in your eyes and keep your voice low. Tell me about
 paradise and all the things I'm missing. I haven't had a good laugh since before Johnny was murdered.

Dead Reckoning, 1947
Directed by John Cromwell
Cinematography: Leo Tover
Music: Marlin Skiles
Costume Design: Jean Louis
Stars: Humphrey Bogart, Lizabeth Scott, Morris Carnovsky

Humphrey Bogart and Lizabeth Scott in the Columbia Pictures film noir Dead Reckoning, 1947
On the set of  Dead Reckoning, 1947
Lauren Bacall visiting Bogart & director John Cromwell on the set of  Dead Reckoning, 1947

Humphrey Bogart smokes a cigarette on the set of Dead Reckoning, 1947
Musician Lew Snowden and Humphrey Bogart play a game of chess on the set of Dead Reckoning.
Visitor John Loder and Lizabeth Scott are the spectators

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