Flick Review < Two Men and a Wardrobe | Roman Polanski (1958)

Roman Polański’s Two Men and a Wardrobe is a short film about two men who emerge from the sea carrying an enormous wardrobe.
After being chased away from a tram, a restaurant and a hotel, and following a fight with local hooligans, the men return to the sea.
In this several-minute long film, Polański presents a story about otherness and the entire
array of responses that arise from otherness, namely, curiosity, antipathy and aggression. >

Two Men and a Wardrobe | Roman Polanski (1958) 
Stars: Jakub Goldberg, Henryk Kluba, Andrzej Kondratiuk 
Cinematography by Maciej Kijowski 
Music by Krzysztof Komeda

It is said to be the first Polish student film to be released commercially.

Roman Polanski with assistant director Andrzej Kostenko and actor Jakub Goldberg during filming Two men and a wardrobe.
Roman Polanski & Henryk Kluba on the set of 'Two Men and a Wardrobe'


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