Billiard Players | Frank Horvat / Édouard Boubat / Robert Doisneau / Dan Weiner / Diane Arbus / Wayne Miller / Mac Gramlich (1900 -1964)

Wayne Miller, Two men playing pool, 1962                                                  Dan Weiner, Manhattan, 1951
 Édouard Boubat, Anvers, Belgique, 1960
Robert Doisneau, The Hunter’s Prey (La Poule au Gibier), 1945
Frank Horvat, Teenagers Playing Billiards, London, 1954
Mac Gramlich, A group of African-American teenage boys play pool in a settlement house, 1955
Diane Arbus, Boy at NYC Pool Hall, 1959
The table is marked out with rope for a game of beach billiards in Oregon, 1938
Aretha Franklin  by Isaac Sutton, 1964                                                                     Natalie Wood with Tony Curtis by Bill Ray, 1963
Sean Connery, London, 1962

Billiard Players (1876 -1933)

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