J[A-Z]Z / p1ck ( Django | Modern Jazz Quartet, 1956

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Modern Jazz Quartet, Django, 1956

Sessions had taken place in June 1953, December 1954 and January 1955.

The song "Django" composed by John Lewis in memory  of his good friend  guitarist Django Reinhardt (1910-1953)

Vibraphonist Milt "Bags" Jackson can famously be heard grunting and humming throughout the quieter numbers.

Milt Jackson - vibraphone
John Lewis - piano
Percy Heath - bass
Kenny Clarke - drums

The Modern Jazz Quartet, from left: Percy Heath, Connie Kay, John Lewis, Milt Jackson


VR: Another tune on Evolution is "Django", named after the guitarist Django Reinhardt. Did he have an influence on you as a musician?

JL: Not an influence, but he was a great wonderful musician and one of the most powerful musicians for his instrument that I ever heard.

VR: Did you ever get a chance to play with him?

JL: No, I heard him play. He came to the United States on a tour as a guest of Duke Ellington. This had to be, I think, around 1957. At the time I was playing and arranging for Dizzy Gillepsie. We were playing down on 52nd Street at the Famous Door and he used to come down and spend all night with us. And even sometimes when he was working, we had to push him out to go do his job.


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