Harbours / Interiors / Portraits | Paintings by Einar Jolin (1914-1955)

Einar Jolin, Stockholm, Overlooking the Skeppsbron, 1955
Einar Jolin, 1917
Einar Jolin, Stockholm, 1929
Einar Jolin, 1922                                                                          Young woman reading art magazine, 1919
Einar Jolin, The Sisters, 1918
White Star, Copenhagen, 1918                                                                          Einar Jolin, In the Circus, 1917
Erotic Scene, 1916
Einar Jolin, 1917                                                                                    Einar Jolin, At the Restaurant, 1921
Rooftop from Nordiska Kompaniet, 1917                                                                         Promenaden, 1917
Einar Jolin, Still Life with Coffee Pot, 1914                                                                                   Einar Jolin (1890 – 1976)
Einar Jolin, 1947                                                                                                  Einar Jolin,Woman in Black, 1942
Einar Jolin, Woman in Red Skirt, 1914                                                                               Einar Jolin, 1955
 Einar Jolin, Young Lady in a Black Hat, 1917                                                        Einar Jolin,  Naked Model with Hat, 1917
Einar Jolin, Interior with Young Woman, 1915                                                         Einar Jolin,  Nils Aster, 1918
Still life with Hortensia and mask, 1938                                                                                Einar Jolin,  1955
Self-portrait in the mirror, 1924                                                                              Self-portrait, 1927

Einar Jolin (1890 – 1976) was a Swedish painter best known for his decorative and slightly naïve Expressionist style. After studying at Konstfack, Stockholm in 1906 and at the Konstnärsförbundet målarskola (the Artists Association Art School), Jolin and his friend Isaac Grünewald went to Paris for further studies at Henri Matisse's academy from 1908 to 1914.

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