The Magic of Printing | Magazines & Comic books, 1911-97

Eugène Atget, Newsstand in Paris, square Bon Marché, 1911
A young entrepreneur during the days of the Manhattan Project, in Oak Ridge, Tennesee, 1940s

Girl reading comic book in newsstand, 1940-45 / Teenie Harris Archive
Ringo Starr                                                       Charlie Chaplin, Pay day, 1922
Wim Wenders, Alice in den Städten, 1974
Nigel Henderson, Newsagent, East London, 1949-52                                  Morris Engel, New York, 1946
Dennis Stock, James Dean in NYC, 1955                                    Bruce Davidson, The Jokers. N.Y. 1959
Elvis Presley                                                              Jackie Kennedy and her daughter Caroline

Voula Papaioannou, The Magic of Printing, Greece, 1950
Wallace Carlson, Dud Leaves Home, 1919, animated cartoon
How Animated Cartoons Are Made Dir. John Randolph Bray, 1919
Antoni Arissa, 1930's                                                                                                         
Ferdinando Scianna, Milan. Children reading comics, 1997

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