Halloween Games | Apple bobbing (1500- 1968)

 Party game, apple on the string, Undated photograph
Halloween Games,  Apple bobbing, 1935
A group of boys bobbing for apples to celebrate halloween, 1945
Royal Caledonian Schools, Hertz, Scotland, 1900
Halloween party in New York, 1940
Apple bobbing, 1950s
Little Boy and Girl Bobbing For Apples, 1930's                                           Redbook magazine, 1933
An apple bobbing game at a Halloween fancy-dress party, 1922
Postcard of Boy Bobbing for Apples on Halloween, 1900
Boys enjoying the traditional sport of apple bobbing, 5th London Defence Corps Brigade Sports Day, Kensington Gardens, 1925
Apple bobbing, 1900s
A group of men playing 'bob apple' at halloween, circa 1500
Apple bobbing, 1968


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