Alphabetarion # Eclipse | Virginia Woolf, 1931

Schoolchildren preparing to watch an eclipse, Maywood, Illinois, 1963

“How then does light return to the world after the eclipse of the sun? Miraculously.
 Frailly. In thin stripes. It hangs like a glass cage. It is a hoop to be fractured by a 
tiny jar. There is a spark there. Next moment a flush of dun. Then a vapour as if 
earth were breathing in and out, once, twice, for the first time. Then under the 
dullness someone walks with a green light. Then off twists a white wraith. The 
woods throb blue and green, and gradually the fields drink in red, gold, brown. 
Suddenly a river snatches a blue light. The earth absorbs colour like a sponge 
slowly drinking water. It puts on weight; rounds itself; hangs pendent; settles 
and swings beneath our feet.”

Virginia Woolf, The Waves, 1931

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Anonymous said...

Ερείπιο απ’ τα ναρκωτικά του ήλιου έρχεσαι
ν’ αποτελειώσεις την παλιά συνομιλία
να με ξεπλύνεις απ’ την περασμένη άνοιξη
Κατεδαφίζονται τα καλοκαίρια στη σειρά
όσο παλιώνω

Ερείπιο απ’ τα ναρκωτικά / Ποιήματα για ένα Καλοκαίρι / Αλέξης Ασλάνογλου/ 1963


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