When I Dance (1923 - 1970) | Lucien Clergue / Art Shay / Margaret Bourke-White / Martin Munkacsi / David Seymour / Gianni Berengo Gardin

Gianni Berengo Gardin, Lido di Venezia, 1958                           Martin Munkacsi, Girls Dancing in the Streets, Budapest, 1923

“When I dance, I dance. When I sleep, I sleep.” 

Michel de Montaigne

Fulvio Roiter, Campo Santo Stefano, 1970   
Lucien Clergue, On forme le cercle, 1955
Soho, 1956                                                           David Seymour, Dancing in the streets, Paris, 1953
Margaret Bourke-White, Taxi Dancers, Fort Peck Bar Room, 1936
Art Shay, Dance Duo, 1955                                                     Jean-Philippe Charbonnier, France, 1953

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