Postcards III | Tristan Tzara / Paul Eluard / Hugo Ball / Marcel Duchamp / Katherine Dreier / Max Bergmann, 1913-33

 Johannes Baader, Postcard sent to Tristan Tzara, collage, Berlin, 16 January 1919 / Paul Eluard, Postcard sent to Tristan Tzara, Cologne, 1923
Sophie Taeuber-Arp, Postcard to Tristan Tzara, Zurich, 21 August 1922 / Hugo Ball, Postcard to Tristan Tzara, Vira-Gambarogno, 16 August 1916
Marcel Duchamp's hand-written holiday postcard to friend Max Bergmann in which he pronounced: ‘I am not dead, I am in Herne Bay', August 1913 (...)
Marcel Duchamp's postcard to Katherine Dreier, 1933

 In October 1933 Duchamp met with Nina and Wassily Kandinsky in Paris. They knew each other through 
Katherine Dreier who was close to both artists. Duchamp and the Kandinskys decided to send her a postcard. (...)

"Dear Katherine Dreier, 
We are in a Russian Restaurant, 
we are eating "Blini" and are drinking "Vodka". 
It's a pity you can't be among us. 
Best wishes Nina Kandinsky 
Short greetings Kandinsky"

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