Portraits | Photos by Alexander Rodchenko, 1924 - 1937

Alexander Rodchenko, Portrait au flacon, 1930                        Aleksandr Rodchenko, Portrait of My Daughter, 1935

‘We don’t see, what we observe. We don’t see, what we look at. We don’t see the extraordinary 
perspectives and the shortenings of objects. We, who have been taught to see ordinary and 
educated, we need to rediscover the world of visibility. We need to revolutionise our optical
 cognition. We need to tear off the veil in front of our eyes, which is called from the navel’.’

Alexander Rodchenko, 18th of August in 1928 (eight months after Lenin’s death)

Alexander Rodchenko, The writer Elsa Triolet (sister of Lily Brik), 1924       Alexander Rodchenko, Portrait of Vladimir Mayakovsky, 1924

Mayakovsky arrived in the late afternoon, when there was little light, which is why the shot was taken outdoors. Kotik the dog, who loved ice-cream, had eaten everything that Mayakovsky had bought, which is why the poet is holding him in his arms like a baby. Mayakovsky easily identified with dogs. His nickname was "Shchen" ("little dog"), which is how he signed letters and telegrams' 

(from Memoirs of Lili Brik, in G. Shudakov et al., Pioneers of Soviet Photography, London: Thames and Hudson, 1983)

< Alexander Rodchenko, Vladimir Mayakovsky with Scottie, 1924

Alexander Rodchenko, Radio listener, 1929
Alexander Rodchenko, Esfir Shub, 1924          Alexander Rodchenko, Bath (Bathing in a wash-basin), 1937
Alexander Rodchenko: Lilya and Osip Briki. Double exposure, 1924          Alexander Rodchenko, The Critic, Osip Brik, 1924

Alexander Rodchenko, Lily Brik - Portrait for the poster Knigi, 1924
Alexander Rodchenko, Knigi (Books), 1924
Alexander Rodchenko, Portrait of Mother, 1924

  Alexander Rodchenko, Pioneer Girl, 1930 

Alexander Rodchenko, Pioneer-Trumpet Player. 1930 


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