Doll makers | 1908 - 1958

A worker painting celluloid dolls heads at a factory in leicester, England, 1935
Row of dolls heads during production, Germany, 1950                                                    Doll factory, 1950's                   
Craftswoman with a platter of doll heads, 1910                             Craftsman paint the faces on dolls in a workshop, New York, 1908
 Worker assembling dolls, 1958
Men assembling dolls, 1920                                                   Germany, pre-1914
Dollmaker, Tokyo, 1950                                             Dollmaker brushing hair on doll heads, 1946
 Doll factory worker, Josephine Gloss assembling dolls, 1947                                                         Painting Dolls Heads 1930s

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Roman Polański / Lampa / 1959 /


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