Photographers’ Self-Portraits in Mirrors | Frank Horvat / Ilse Bing / Arnold Newman / Eve Arnold / Edouard Boubat / Ed v der Elsken / Diane Arbus

 Edouard Boubat, Self-portrait in Mirror, Paris, 1951                Diane Arbus, Self-Portrait, Pregnant, N.Y.C., 1945
Arnold Newman, Baltimore, MD, 1939                                              Ilse Bing, Self-portrait, 1931
Frank Horvat, Self-portrait, Paris, 1956                                                       Ilse Bing, Self-portrait, 1931
Ed van der Elsken, Self-portrait with Ata Kandó, Paris, 1953                      Stanley Kubrick, Rosemary Williams showgirl with self portrait, 1949
Eve Arnold, Self-Portrait in a Distorted Mirror, New York, 1950                            Vivian Maier: Self-portrait with Multiple Reflections, 1955
Willy Ronis, Self-portrait with flash, 1951

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