Letter to Émile Bernard | Paul Gauguin, 1888-90

 Émile Bernard, Self-Portrait with Portrait of Gauguin, 1888
Emile Bernard, Caricature of Paul Gauguin, 1889                    Paul Gauguin, Madeleine Bernard, 1888 

To his friend and fellow painter Bernard, with whom he had developed Synthetism at Pont-Aven in the 1880s, 
Gauguin writes cheerfully:

"I just came back from Pont-Aven where I spent a few days with Filiger. Upon my return I found a letter from him.
 I received news of the death of Vincent [Van Gogh?]. 

There is nothing to say. On the back [of the sheet], my statue [referring to one of the drawings]. 
My kindest regards to Madeleine your little sister. 
Cordially yours"

Paul Gauguin 

Lettre autographe signée de Paul Gauguin adressée à Emile Bernard, datant de juin 1890, Le Pouldu

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