Clown in the Moon | Dylan Thomas

Dylan Thomas, 1928, after winning the mile race in school. 
He had this pic in his wallet when he died in New York in 1953.

My tears are like the quiet drift
Of petals from some magic rose;
And all my grief flows from the rift
Of unremembered skies and snows.

I think, that if I touched the earth,
It would crumble;
It is so sad and beautiful,
So tremulously like a dream.

 Dylan Thomas, Clown in the Moon
* the title of a poem written when Dylan was 14

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Anonymous said...

Said the Moon to the Sun,
"Is the daylight begun?"
Said the Sun to the Moon,
"Not a minute too soon."
"You're a Full Moon," said he.
She replied with a frown,
"Well! I never did see
So uncivil a clown!"
(Query. Why was the moon so angry?)


"In these degenerate days", we oft hear said,
"Manners are lost and chivalry is dead!"
No wonder, since in high exalted spheres
The same degeneracy, in fact, appears.
The Moon, in social matters interfering,
Scolded the Sun, when early in appearing;
And the rude Sun, her gentle sex ignoring,
Called her a fool, thus her pretensions flooring.

Lewis Carroll / VI. / Puzzles from Wonderland / 1870


The sun was shining on the sea,
Shining with all his might:
He did his very best to make
The billows smooth and bright--
And this was odd, because it was
The middle of the night.

The moon was shining sulkily,
Because she thought the sun
Had got no business to be there
After the day was done--
"It's very rude of him," she said,
"To come and spoil the fun!"

Lewis Carroll / The Walrus and The Carpenter / excerpt / Through the Looking-Glass and What Alice Found There / Chapter 4 / 1872


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