Taming the Bicycle / Mark Twain (1893)

"When you have reached the point in bicycling where you can balance the machine tolerably fairly and propel it and 
steer it, then comes your next task — how to mount it. You do it in this way: you hop along behind it on your right foot, 
resting the other on the mounting-peg, and grasping the tiller with your hands. At the word, you rise on the peg, stiffen 
your left leg, hang your other one around in the air in a general in indefinite way, lean your stomach against the 
rear of the saddle, and then fall off, maybe on one side, maybe on the other; but you fall off. 
You get up and do it again; and once more; and then several times."

Taming The Bicycle, Mark Twain, 1893


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