On the filmmaker / Buster Keaton | Luis Buñuel / Werner Herzog / Jim Jarmusch / Orson Welles

Buster Keaton with a ‘Buster Keaton’ Doll, 1930

"I adore Buster Keaton."

Luis Buñuel

 "Just thinking about him moves me. He is one of my witnesses when I say that some of the very best 
filmmakers were athletes. He was the quintessential athlete, a real acrobat."

Werner Herzog

 "My favorite director of all time is Buster Keaton, and it goes deeper than just being a comedian, 
because he is a great director and actor and funny in an extremely human way."

Jim Jarmusch

 "Keaton was beyond all praise, a very great artist, and one of the most beautiful men I ever saw 
on the screen. He was also a superb director. In the last analysis, nobody came near him."

Orson Welles

Alfred Eisenstaedt, Buster Keaton Doll, 1929

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