Postcards II | Matisse / Picasso / Lorca / Kerouac / McCartney

Henri Matisse to André Rouveyre, 1943

Henri Matisse to André Rouveyre, 1943

A postcard sent from Paris by Francisco García Lorca to Federico, 1924

Pablo Picasso, postcard to Jean Cocteau, 1919, St.-Raphael

My dear Cocteau 

I am quite sad that you are ill. I hope that you will be well soon and that I will see you. At Montparnasse next Wednesday's festivities in honor of the musician I hope to see you. I have good ideas for our theater story - we shall talk about it. 

Best wishes 

< Illustrated letter from Pablo Picasso to Jean Cocteau, 1916

Pablo Picasso to Guillaume Apollinaire, 1905 « Je ne te vois plus. Tu es mort ? »               Pablo Picasso and Max Jacob to Guillaume Apollinaire. July, 1905

Postcard from Jack Kerouac to his psychiatrist Sept. 26.1966

Paul McCartney sent Ringo Starr a postcard on January 31, 1969
(the day after the band’s performance on the roof of Apple Studios) saying:
“You are the greatest drummer in the world. Really.”

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