Dada-puppets | Hannah Höch, 1889 - 1978

Hannah Höch, Two Dada-puppets, 1916                                                       Hannah Höch, The Puppet Balsamine, 1927                                     

Hannah Höch was a German Dada artist. As the sole female member of the German Dada group (George Grosz, Raoul Hausmann, Johannes Bader, Richard Huelsenbeck and John Heartfield), Höch was an early pioneer of photomontage, the format she utilized to voice her criticisms of the Weimar German Government and to champion women’s rights.

Following the rise of the Nazi regime, Höch’s work lost acclaim and during the war she retreated to obscurity.

Hannah Höch and her puppets, 1920                                 Hannah Höch and Dada doll, 1925

Hannah Höch, Two Dada-puppets, 1916                                                       Hannah Höch and her puppets, 1920

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