Mask wearing Guests | Denise Bellon, 1950s-1960s

Denise Bellon: Andre Breton and his Surrealist Group at the Gates of the Desert, 1960

Denise Bellon: Gathering of Surrealists group with mask wearing guests, France c 1950s-60s

A portrait of photographer Denise Bellon:
Le Souvenir d'un avenir (Remembrance of Things to Come)
A Film by Yannick Bellon and Chris Marker2001

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The Rothschild’s Illuminati Ball / Dec 12 1972

Marie-Hlne Rothschild threw a lavish illuminati ball at the Ferrires. Social elites from every walk of life received a invitation written backwards that had to be deciphered by holding it to a mirror.


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