Teen Beat Drums | Sandy Nelson, 1960 - 65

Sandy Nelson plays Teen Beat, 1960

Sandy Nelson, one of the best-known rock drummers of the early 1960s, had several solo instrumental Top 40 hits 
and was a session drummer on many other well-known hits, and released over 30 albums.

Sandy Nelson, Let There Be Drums / Drums Are My Beat, 1962


Anonymous said...

His first recordings, with a band called the Renegades , was part of the soundtrack of 1959 film Ghost of Dragstrip Hollow

written by[the greek] Nick Venet[-oulias]

Sandy Nelson also played drums on "To Know Him Is To Love Him" (Phil Spector's Teddy Bears, 1958) and "A Thousand Stars" (Kathy Young and the Innocents, 1960)

Anonymous said...

[ Gene Krupa / Buddy Rich ]

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