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Ball of Fire (The Professor and the Burlesque Queen), 1941

directed by Howard Hawks
Stars: Gary Cooper, Barbara Stanwyck, Oskar Homolka
Writers: Charles Brackett (screen play), Billy Wilder (screen play)

* To pick up authentic slang for the film script, screenwriters Billy Wilder and Charles Brackett visited the 
drugstore across the street from Hollywood High School, a burlesque house and the Hollywood Park racetrack.

*Considered by some modern critics as the last "Golden Age" screwball comedy.

Sugarpuss O'Shea: [about Potts] Yes, I love him. I love those hick shirts he wears with the boiled cuffs and the way he always 
has his vest buttoned wrong. Looks like a giraffe, and I love him. I love him because he's the kind of a guy that gets drunk on a glass 
of buttermilk, and I love the way he blushes right up over his ears. Love him because he doesn't know how to kiss, the jerk!

Gene Krupa play “Drum Boogie” on a matchbox
Gene Krupa and his orchestra - Drum Boogie
Martha Tilton provided Barbara Stanwyck's singing voice for the song "Drum Boogie"
Hal McIntyre can be seen in the saxophone section during the number "Drumboogie". Also, Roy Eldridge has a brief trumpet solo.
Howard Hawks in a publicity still for Ball of Fire (1941) with stars Gary Cooper and Barbara Stanwyck
Ball of Fire (1941): behind the scenes

Barbara Stanwyck and Gary Cooper in Ball of Fire (1941)
Barbara Stanwyck rehearsing on the set of Ball of Fire, 1941
Barbara Stanwyck on the set of Ball of Fire, 1941
Howard Hawks is to the left of Barbara with his hand shading his eyes.


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