He tells us wop to doo / A Spaniard In The Works | John Lennon, 1965

John Lennon’s second book of drawings and poetry, A Spaniard In The Works, 1965
Cover design and photo by Robert Freeman

John Lennon, published two books. The first, In His Own Write, came in 1964 and was followed just a year later by A Spaniard In The Works.

 John Lennon, Untitled illustration of a boy with six birds  
 John Lennon, A vicar                       John Lennon, Shamrock Womlbs with magnifying glass and Doctored Whopper

"A Spaniard in the Works gave me another personal boost. Ok, it didn’t do as well as the first, but then what follow-up book ever does? In any case, I had a lot of the stories in the book bottled up in my system and it did me good to get rid of them – ‘better out than in’. The book is more complicated; there are some stories and bits in it that even I don’t understand, but once I’ve written something what’s the point of letting it hang around in a drawer when I know I can get it published? The plain unvarnished fact is that I like writing, and I’d go on writing even if there wasn’t any publisher daft enough to publish them."

John Lennon, 1965

 John Lennon, Drawing  from A Spaniard in the Works, 1965                                                John Lennon by Henry Grossman

“John’s inscription on my copy of A Spaniard In The Works
when it first came out in 1965 says it all:
‘To Ringo with love, you dwarf bastard’”

Ringo Starr

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Time you enjoyed wasting was not wasted.

John Lennon


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